Team Member

Anna Vuillerod

Programme Manager

Anna is a Programme Manager at the European Foundation for Democracy. Previously, she worked in a London-based women’s charity which focused on the prevention of extremism and hate crime through encouraging, educating and empowering women from marginalised backgrounds. Her work has ranged from researching and analysing issues including the prevention of radicalisation, violent extremism and forced marriages to organising public and closed-door policy briefings in Brussels as well as managing relevant EU-funded projects.

She has focused on the various dynamics and implications of counterterrorism on society. She graduated with a master’s from the War Studies Department at King’s College London in Conflict, Security and Development. Her main areas of research and expertise were Peacebuilding, Counterterrorism and Human Rights. She analysed these issues from the CONTEST strategy in the UK to the post-war context in Sri Lanka. Anna studied her undergraduate, Joint Majors in Economics, Political Science and International Relations at University College Dublin.


Email: anna.vuillerod [AT]