Team Member

Dr. Arturo Varvelli

Visiting Fellow

Arturo Varvelli is an ISPI Research Fellow and head of the Terrorism Programme at the Institute. In 2006, he earned a Ph.D. in international history at the University of Milan, where he lectures on the history of international relations. He has extensively published (articles and monographs) on Italian–Libyan relations, Libyan domestic and foreign politics, and Italian foreign policy in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. He is editor-in-chief of the online newsletter ISPI Dossier, which produces scenarios for international politics. He also participates in research projects commissioned by the research office of the Italian Chamber of Representatives and Senate and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the European Parliament and Commission. He is regularly interviewed on issues of foreign affairs (Mediterranean and Libyan) by national (Rai, Mediaset, Sky, La7, Sole24Ore, etc..) and international networks (New York Times, Time magazine, Xin Hua, CBS Australia, etc…). Author of three books (“L’Italia e l’ascesa di Gheddafi”, BCDe 2009; and “Libia. Fine o rinascita di una nazione?, con Karim Mezran, Donzelli 2012; "Dopo Gheddafi. Democrazia e petrolio nella nuova Libia", con Gerardo Pelosi, Fazi 2012;), and many articles/chapters including in journals and think tank web sites such as Brookings Institution. He is member of the international network “GR:EEN - Global re-ordering” and "Arab-Trans", large-scale integrated FP7 researchs project funded by the European Commission and the University of Warwick.


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