Article 23 August 2013

The Future of the MENA region

EFD Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino answers questions on the future of the MENA region for the Zurich-based think tank ISN. Vidino notes that the result of the Arab Spring has been to give citizens the idea that they can shape their countries' destinies. However the Arab world still has to contend with serious problems such as economic stagnation and a youth bulge that is causing social instability. You can read the article at ISN her...
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Article 23 August 2013

The world’s inaction enabled gas attack

Magnus Norell on the international ramifications of the chemical attack launched by the Syrian regime against civilians in the suburbs of Damascus....
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Article 15 August 2013

Outlining US-Iranian dialogue

Iranian international relations expert Kayhan Barzegar lays the framework for the nature of US-Iranian dialogue....
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Article 13 August 2013

Iran’s new defence minister and Hezbollah

Iran's newly appointed Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan allegedly played a chief role in the formation of Hezbollah in Lebanon....
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Article 11 August 2013

EU action is insufficient to stop Hezbollah

Sweden's daily newspaper Göteborgs-Posten features a report written by EFD Senior Policy Advisor Magnus Norell on the activities of the Lebanese-militant group Hezbollah within Europe. In July the EU blacklisted Hezbollah's military wing, yet Norell cites that it is not possible to separate its political activities from its military wing and the EU's decision will not prevent the group from carrying out activities in Europe such as organised c...
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Article 08 August 2013

President Rohani follows his predecessor

President Hassan Rohani has said he wants to end Iran's isolation, yet his actions suggest that he is following the path of his predecessor....
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Article 07 August 2013

President Rohani admits Iranian nuclear ambitions

In an interview on Iranian state television before the election, Hassan Rohani admitted that Iran has never attempted to halt its nuclear programme....
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Article 06 August 2013

Mosques urge jihad in Syria

Sweden's daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet features an op-ed on the problem of terrorist recruitment in Sweden. It is estimated that at least seven men from the city of Gothenburg have been killed in the Syrian conflict and there are fears that mosques in the city are encouraging young men to travel to the Middle East. The Swedes who head to Syria often join the most radical rebel groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and there are fears that once th...
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Article 05 August 2013

What can the world expect from Iran’s new president?

EFD Senior Fellow discusses what we can expect from Iran's newly elected President Hassan Rohani....
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Article 02 August 2013

Iran: President Rohani’s anti-Israel rhetoric

Iran's President Hassan Rohani has accused Israel of being a wound in the body of the Islamic world....
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Article 01 August 2013

Iran’s Supreme Leader issues fatwas

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has issued an extensive list of fatwas ordering people to avoid contact with the Bahai....
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Article 31 July 2013

Iran: Al-Qods Day

Al-Qods day in Iran has become symbolic of the regime's desire to target Israel....
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Article 25 July 2013

More action than a terrorist stamp required

EFD Senior Policy Advisor Magnus Norell writing in Sweden's daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet believes that the Lebanese-based militant group Hezbollah is a "united organisation" and it is not possible for the European Union to separate its political wing from its military wing....
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Article 04 July 2013

Iran: Anti-Semitism in the Media

EFD Senior fellow discusses how Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism is still widespread in Iran's media....
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Article 03 July 2013

Iran: President Rouhani’s anti-democratic past

EFD Senior Fellow Wahied Wahdat-Hagh reveals how Iran's new President has little respect for democracy. (German)...
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Article 01 July 2013

A Calculating Act

In 2005 Iran's future president Hasan Rohani gave a speech in which he outlined Iran's strategy for dealing with the West regarding its nuclear programme....
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Article 19 June 2013

Iran’s New Machiavellian President

President Hassan Rohani says he wants to have a dialogue with the USA, but under the condition that it accepts Iran's right to have a nuclear programme....
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Article 17 June 2013

“In Iran there are no free elections”

EFD Senior Fellow discusses Iran's elections, its minorities and Hezbollah's activities in Europe....
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Article 14 June 2013

What to expect from Russia at the G-8 Summit

EFD Fellow Anna Borshchevskaya discusses how the Middle East will shape discussions at the G-8 Summit....
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Article 13 June 2013

Iran: Fixing the Election

While it is not clear who will win Iran's presidential election, the likely loser will be Iranian civil society....
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Article 13 June 2013

Sunni and Shia jihad in Syria

By referring to her previous article Syria’s Opportunistic Use of Islam, EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo discusses the increasing centrality of Islam in Syrian regime’s discourse....
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Article 11 June 2013

Iran in the Mediterranean

Senior Iranian Military Advisor discusses the role of Iran in the Mediterranean region....
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Article 04 June 2013

Iran’s new barbaric laws

In other countries there are pre-election promises. In Iran there is new, barbaric legislation....
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Article 03 June 2013

Armenia’s Choice – Will it be Russia or the EU? And why it should matter to the West

EFD Fellow Anna Borshchevskaya writes about Armenia's political future in Turkish Policy Quarterly....
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Article 31 May 2013

New evidence of Iran’s destabilising influence across South America

Argentinian General Prosecutor Alberto Nisman presented a 500-page dossier providing evidence of the Iranian regime’s efforts at ‘infiltrating’ several South American countries ‘ New evidence of Iran's destabilising influence across South America By Albany Tribune -- (May 31, 2013) By Roberta Bonazzi EFD commends the work of Argentinian General Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who this week presented a 500-page dossier, providing ev...
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Article 31 May 2013

Saeed Jalili and Israel

Iran's presidential candidate Saeed Jalili has not concealed his desire to confront Israel....
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Article 29 May 2013

The Legacy of Ahmadinejad

Over the past eight years President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has become one of the world's most talked-about leaders for his controversial statements and uncompromising views....
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Article 23 May 2013

Iran: The logic of Totalitarian power

Iran's presidential elections are testing the country's power structures and many suspect that it is on its way to becoming a totalitarian state....
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Article 16 May 2013

Hezbollah activism online

In Germany a Shi'a Islamic website has emerged which acts to recruit Hezbollah sympathisers. This article is only available in German. Das tritt als eine religiöse Vereinigung auf und verbreitet alle religiösen und politischen Mythen der totalitären Herrscher im Iran in deutscher Sprache. Sie sind Anhänger von Ayatollah Khomeini, Gründer der islamistischen Diktatur im Iran. Sie gehorchen dem heutigen Revolutionsführer A...
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Article 15 May 2013

Iran recruits online for militants to fight Israel

Will the West install a political framework which secures peace and development in Syria, or will its people continue to suffer, much to the benefit of Iran's paranoid leadership?...
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Article, Interview 14 May 2013

Iran: EFD Senior Fellow says reform is impossible in the Islamic Republic

Interview: EFD Senior Fellow says he is "closing the book" on the possibility of reform in the Islamic Republic....
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Article 14 May 2013

Iran: No Freedom of Religion

The Iranian government continues to carry out human rights violations on the basis of religious affiliation....
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Article 13 May 2013

Proscribing Hezbollah: a boost for Lebanon and EU

Senior EFD Policy Advisor, Magnus Norell, discusses how an EU agreement to proscribe the Shi'a militant group Hezbollah could benefit both the EU and Lebanon....
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Article 08 May 2013

Online recruitment of Iranian militants

An Iranian website associated with the country's Supreme Leader is attempting to recruit individuals to attack Israel....
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Article 06 May 2013

China: Iran’s economic saviour

Iran's relationship with China has become a strategic lifeline, as the country bears the weight of international sanctions....
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Article 02 May 2013

Iran: elections without democracy

In the run-up to 2013 Iran’s presidential elections, EFD Fellow, Wahied Wahdat-Hagh discusses the prospects for democracy in a country where Islamists keep maintaining control....
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