Article, Interview 14 May 2013

Iran: EFD Senior Fellow says reform is impossible in the Islamic Republic

Interview: EFD Senior Fellow says he is "closing the book" on the possibility of reform in the Islamic Republic....
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Interview 14 May 2013

Prospects for Reform in the Arab World

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour says that as long as secular voices in the Arab world are not tolerated, prospects for change remain elusive....
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Interview 12 October 2012

Military intervention in Mali: « The UN fears a possible failure »

EFD Senior Fellow Bakary Sambe discusses the prospect of military intervention in Mali with Ouestafnews....
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Interview 20 April 2010

Islam in Italy: in search of a balance between integration and tradition

EFD’s Valentina Colombo speaks to the Italian intelligence magazine GNOSIS about the risk of “homegrown terrorism” in a period of cultural uncertainties....
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Interview 29 November 2009

Middle East: 30% of bloggers are women

According to Eleana Gordon, EFD Senior Advisor and founder of the Center for Liberty in the Middle East, presenting its latest initiative, the Institute of Online Activism at the World e-Democracy Forum in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Paris), 30 % of bloggers in the Middle East are women....
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Interview 27 November 2009

“Christians are second-class citizens”

EFD Fellow Wahied Wahdat-Hagh is interviewed by ZENIT on the topic of Christians in Iran....
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Interview 31 August 2007

Middle East: Terrorism expert calls for ban on Hizballah in Europe

Alexander Ritzmann, senior fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy in Brussels, discusses the reasons to have Hizballah declared a terrorist organization in Europe. A specialist on the radicalization of Muslims in Germany and Europe, as well as on Hizballah and Hamas, he is a former member of the Berlin State Parliament and a senior member of the Free Democratic Party in Germany....
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