Mention 23 January 2015

Hearing on Islamism and Salafism at the Hessian Parliament, Germany

On 22nd January 2015, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour was one of several experts invited to speak at a public hearing at the Hessian Parliament on how to deal with Islamism and Salafism in society. Ahmad called for the psychological factors of radicalisation to be taken into account, and for schools to actively encourage critical thinking among pupils, also in connection with religion....
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Mention 21 January 2015

Gauck’s debate about domestic peace: what is going wrong in Germany?

The German president Joachim Gauck brings together 50 experts, including EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour, to discuss the dramatic increase in instances of discrimination and polarisation in German society. Among the topics for discussion are the anti-Islam movement known as PEGIDA, Islamic radicalisation, anti-Semitism, and right-wing extremism. At this seminar, Ahmad calls for new educational methods to counter anti-Semitism among Muslim yo...
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Mention 20 October 2014

How do I save my child from Jihad?

Germany's Spiegel Online features a piece on the Hayat family counselling hotline, co-run by EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour, which offers support and practical advice to individuals who are concerned that somebody they know is becoming radicalised....
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Mention 08 October 2014

15,000-plus for Fighting: The Return of the Foreign Fighters

In light of unprecedented numbers joining the conflict in Syria and Iraq, Dr Michael P Noonan discusses the phenomenon of foreign fighters, asking why it is that this conflict has attracted so many; what the returnees might mean for the West; and what can be done to prevent this trend. Among the possible prevention measures, he refers to the Hayat family counselling programme, led by Ahmad Mansour and Daniel Koehler in Berlin, whom he encountered...
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Mention 06 October 2014

Once a spy, always a spy: How Putin’s KGB past shapes his autocratic rule

EFD Fellow Anna Borshchevskaya is quoted on Russian President Vladimir Putin, stating that he fits the archetype of a KGB agent. The article states that, as the Ukraine crisis continues, Putin is still using tactics from his time as a KGB officer: preying on the fearful, crushing dissent and controlling information....
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Mention 04 October 2014

Jasmin is frightened of going to hell

As it emerges that 40 women and girls are among the 400 Germans who have joined the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour considers the reasons behind radicalisation among young Muslim women....
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Mention 30 September 2014

Syria, here is where ISIS combatants come from

In an article published on, that analyses European foreign fighters, the European Foundation for Democracy and EFD Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino's report 'Home-Grown Jihadism in Italy" are mentioned. The author mentions the study's main findings to substantiate his argument....
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Mention 30 September 2014

When young people go to war

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is quoted in an article on radicalisation among Muslim youths in Germany, particularly in context of the growing numbers who appear to sympathise with militant groups such as ISIS....
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Mention 23 September 2014

Radicalisation: people do not become jihadists overnight

On 23rd September 2014 the European Foundation for Democracy organised a public briefing in the European Parliament hosted by Andrey Kovatchev (Bulgarian MEP). This article in Austria's Tiroler Zeitung talks about the speakers that took the floor at this event: Ahmad Mansour (EFD Programme Director), Daniel Köhler and Michael Noonan....
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Mention 16 September 2014

Ahmad Mansour – a Muslim who is fighting against anti-Semitism

Germany's Tagesspiegel newspaper features a transcript of the speech given by editor-in-chief Stephan-Andreas Casdorff on the occasion of EFD's Ahmad Mansour being awarded the prestigious Moses-Mendelssohn Prize for his work to promote tolerance....
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Mention 15 September 2014

Ahmad Mansour – from Salafist to prize winner

The Berliner Morgenpost features an article on EFD's Ahmad Mansour who has been awarded the prestigious Moses-Mendelssohn Prize for his work to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence in Germany....
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Mention 15 September 2014

Ahmad Mansour is awarded prize

Germany's Jüdische Allgemeine newspaper features an article on EFD's Ahmad Mansour who has been awarded the prestigious Moses-Mendelssohn Prize for his work to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence....
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Mention 11 September 2014

Germany sees rising anti-Semitism among Muslims

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is quoted in an article from the Wall Street Journal on increasing anti-Semitism among Muslims in Germany. As in other European countries, Germany has seen a surge in anti-Semitic abuse in connection with the recent conflict in Gaza. However, Ahmad states that the issue is not a new one, "The protests got a lot of attention, but 'Jew' has been used as an insult by young Muslims in schoolyards, on sports ground...
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Mention 04 September 2014

ISIS recruits ‘converted’ Europeans

Westerners fighting in Iraq and Syria are estimated to be 3000, with 20 to 25 per cent of those being recently converted to Islam. In an article featured in the leading Italian newspaper La Stampa, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino reveals that this phenomenon could be explained by a shift to "online Islamic fundamentalism" which appeals to younger Western generations who feel closer to Islamic fundamentalism than their national identity....
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Mention 01 September 2014

A Ukraine Peace Plan That Excludes Ukrainians Is Unacceptable

Following a meeting between American and Russian experts and former officials in the Finnish island of Boistö that aimed to find a solution to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, EFD Fellow Anna Borshchevskaya co-signed a letter with American and European experts that denounces the exclusion of Ukrainians from the summit in Finland as it "disqualifies this initiative from any serious consideration"....
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Mention 29 August 2014

Are there jihadi groups in Varese?

The North of Italy is becoming host to jihadi groups hoping to branch out to other parts of Europe. In the Italian newspaper La Provincia di Varese, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino discusses that this phenomenon is a serious threat and reports that even towards the end of the 1990s jihadists were present in Italian cities....
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Mention 24 July 2014

Misleading images are being circulated online

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is quoted by journalist Katharina Pfannkuch in an article on misleading images which are circulating on social media in connection with the conflict in Gaza. Ahmad points out that highly emotive or graphic images -- which sometimes originate from Iraq or Syria -- are being shared particularly by young people, who are less likely to check or question the source....
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Mention 11 July 2014

Iraq: watch out for jihadists with a European passport

Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino warns of the potential security threat posed by ISIS militants who hold European passports. He urges us to be cautious of individuals who have gained military training in Syria and Iraq, and have easy access to Europe...
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Mention 23 June 2014

Actively countering Islamic fundamentalism

Following the announcement that he is to be awarded the prestigious Moses Mendelssohn Prize, Germany's Jüdische Allgemeine features a report on EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour. The report includes a quote from Ahmad who says, “I am incredibly proud to receive this recognition; I see it as a reminder of my obligation to continue to work for tolerance and human rights, and to fight against anti-Semitism.”...
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Mention 20 June 2014

Ahmad Mansour to be awarded the Moses Mendelssohn Prize

The prestigious Moses Mendelssohn Prize is to be awarded to EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour for his tireless work to promote tolerance in Germany. As reported widely in German newspapers such as Die Welt and the Berliner Zeitung, Ahmad has been described as “an exceptionally engaged and courageous individual” who makes a significant contribution to making German society more tolerant and inclusive....
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Mention 16 June 2014

Encouraging the ‘macho’ youths to reflect on their beliefs

Journalist Katja Hanke reports on the work of EFD's Ahmad Mansour and his colleagues at Heroes Berlin to support school teachers who are faced with sexism or misogyny from pupils with migrant backgrounds....
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Mention 16 June 2014

Swedish expert confirms that Polisario combatants are involved with AQIM

In an article on Sarara News, Magnus Norell is featured giving expert evidence on the recruitment of Polisario combatants by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)....
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Mention 16 June 2014

Swedish expert: AQIM is recruiting members from Polisario

In an article published by Moroccan source Medias 24, Magnus Norell warns that Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is recruiting new members from Polisario groups based in the camps of Tindouf, in Algeria....
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Mention 15 June 2014

Norell: AQIM recruits members from Polisario

Moroccan Internet portal Menara features an article about the militant organization AQIM. AQIM seems not only to recruit Polisario combatants, but also to cooperate with other Islamist terrorist groups. EFD Senior Policy Advisor Magnus Norell is quoted in the article....
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Mention 16 May 2014

Islamists returning to Germany from Syria are ‘ticking bombs’

Following heightened security concerns in Germany, EFD's Ahmad Mansour emphasises the importance of counter-radicalisation work, and states that the most effective time to carry out this work is during the school years....
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Mention 21 April 2014

The “Holy War” enlists terrorists

An increasing number of Islamic Italian fighters are using Internet to spread the “Holy War”. EFD Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino is interviewed by the Italian daily newspaper La Padania on the radicalisation dynamics in Italy....
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Mention 14 April 2014

Italians fighting for Islam: the network is growing

Italian daily La Stampa features a detailed report on Home-Grown Jihadism in Italy, a new publication from EFD's Lorzono Vidino....
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Mention 13 April 2014

Very well-connected and rappers: these are the Italian jihadists

Following the publication of Lorenzo Vidino's Homegrown Jihadism in Italy, Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera features a report on the profiles of young Italians who are drawn to radical groups, and their possible motives for joining Syria's civil war....
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Mention 10 April 2014

We will never completely eliminate the danger

Following the return from Syria of one of Switzerland's foreign fighters, EFD's Lorenzo Vidino speaks to Swiss daily 20 Minuten about how these individuals can be reintegrated into society....
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Mention 08 April 2014

Hezbollah fundraisers banned

In one of its articles on the German ban of a Hezbollah’s support group, the German news Tagesschau quoted EFD Senior Policy Advisor Alezander Ritzmann. In 2009, EFD had already expressed its concerns as regards the linkage between the Lebanese Islamic militant group and “Orphans Project Lebanon e.V.”...
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Mention 05 April 2014

German women becoming ‘holy warriors’ in the name of Jihad

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is interviewed in Germany's Deutsche Welle about the increasing number of German women who are being drawn to Syria's civil war in the name of Jihad....
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Mention 02 April 2014

“How do we want to live?” : Teaching materials on Islam, Islamophobia, Islamism and Democracy

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour contributes to new teaching resources on democracy, Islamophobia, Islam and racism from the German organisation UFUQ....
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Mention 20 March 2014

Don’t Trust Rouhani – Iran’s Nobel Peace laureate speaks

In an interview during a visit to Brussels organized by EFD, Shiran Ebadi, 2003 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, says Iran's supposed reformist leader Hassan Rouhani has done little to improve human rights....
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Mention 18 March 2014

Show some respect!

Germany's Tagesspiegel newspaper features a report on Ahmad Mansour's work to support female teachers who encounter difficulties with male pupils from patriarchal cultures....
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Mention EFD Hosts Nobel Laureate and Iranian Human Rights Activist Shirin Ebadi
Mention 14 March 2014

EFD Hosts Nobel Laureate and Iranian Human Rights Activist Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Abadi briefed MEPs, EU officials and the media in Brussels and Strasbourg on the human rights situation in Iran....
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Mention 21 February 2014

In Senegal, Wahhabism wins ground

Despite Senegal has been associated with the image of peaceful country for a long time, it has not been spared by the rise of Wahhabism....
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