Team Member

Alessandro Boncio

Senior Analyst

OR9 in the Italian Carabinieri Corps, Alessandro Boncio currently serves as counter-terrorism lecturer and analyst at the Carabinieri Advanced Institute of Investigative Techniques. He lectures on jihadism history and evolution, violent radicalisation processes and counter-terrorism investigative techniques. His lectures to foreign police forces include Middle Eastern, North African and Sahel jihadist groups, evolution, tactics and investigative techniques to counter them.

Since 2006 he specialised as CBRN defence instructor, lecturing law enforcement personnel on preparedness and incident first management.

He has been deployed to several international missions in the Middle East, the Balkans and Africa with NATO, EU and the Italian Government. Mr Boncio is a member of the EENeT (European Expert Network on Terrorism Issues) and external expert to assist CEPOL in the EU-MENA Counter-Terrorism Partnership Project 2 (CEPOL-PR-EE-2018-001-CT2). He holds a BA in Science of Investigation from L’Aquila University and is about to achieve an MA in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. As a guest contributor, he published papers and researches for several think thanks and academic journals.


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