Ongoing Projects

08 March 2019

CICERO – “Counternarrative campaign for preventing radicalisation”

The CICERO project is co-funded by the European Union - GA N. 812613. The goal of the project is to develop and implement a counter/alternative-narrative communication campaign aimed at preventing radicalisation. The project will also include a methodology for evaluating the impact of the campaign. The target audience and key messages of the campaign were identified following a preliminary research phase during which the project analysed t...
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01 May 2020

Disinformation and propaganda in the COVID-19 context

The global health emergency resulted from the rapid spread of COVID-19 has taken the world by surprise and found it vastly unprepared in containing and managing not only the health dimension of the pandemic but also the wave of disinformation, conspiracy theories and propaganda that have accompanied the outbreak. Disinformation is among the key factors in radicalisation processes and forms the basis of recruitment narratives that simplify rea...
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01 January 2020

EUROGUIDE – “European platform against polarisation and radicalisation, practical tools for front-line practitioners”

The EUROGUIDE project is co-funded by the European Union - GA N. 871038. The goal of the project is to develop an online toolkit for first-line practitioners in five European countries (Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Sweden and the Netherlands) that will effectively enhance their capacity to prevent and counter radicalisation and polarisation. The online material will be accessible to first-line practitioners who work directly with youth and allow...
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14 October 2020

Understanding Jihadist Radicalisation. The case of Italy

This project was established as a continuation of the study "Understanding Jihadist Radicalisation. The case of Italy" (read about the report here). The goal of the project is to highlight upcoming findings and news, related to the 54 individuals that where analysed in the 2019 report. EFD, since the official publication of the report, continues to closely cooperate with relevant public authorities in Italy; collecting further information on...
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Past Projects