Team Member

Gerta Zaimi

Visiting Fellow

Gerta is extremely proficient in academic research, having spent the last ten years researching Middle East International Relations and Balkans Politics. She has an MA in Literature and Political Science and in International Relations and Mediterranean Studies. She has various contributions as lector for different institutions, think-tanks, as well as pieces in English for the Indian Military Review, for COE-DAT NATO (Centre of Excellence Defense against Terrorism) in Ankara (Turkey) where, since 2014, she is also a lecture for the Institute for Global Threats and Democracies Studies (IGTDS) and a Senior Fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy (EFD), etc.

As an accomplished author, she has written the book “Hezbollah, Political Lebanese party and Iranian militia” as part of the academic studies at CSSII (Center for Strategic International and Business Studies) at the University of Florence, published by ARACNE editrice. She is an expert and has excellent skills in CVE strategies and CT responses in the Balkan area and she is author of the paper “Religious radicalization and violent Islamist extremism in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo," among others.


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