Afghanistan beyond the headlines


The European Foundation for Democracy is engaged in a series of public events aimed at bringing Afghan society closer to European audiences. Spanning four countries over two weeks, Afghan civil society guests will share their unique perspectives in areas such as access to healthcare, education, training and justice.

Guest speakers: Dr. Wadir Safi and Ms. Mina Wali

To RSVP to the events below, contact: info(at)europeandemocracy.org


Screening of ‘Afghan Star’ at Vrije Universiteit Brussel             Panel Discussion at the Lessius University College - Antwerp


Date:     Monday 2nd May                                                           Date:       Monday 2nd May

Time:    11:00-13:30                                                                  Time:      16:30-18:00

Venue:  IES-Rome conference Room,                                       Venue:   Room 0.32, Campus Sint Andries, Lessius University

5 Pleinlaan, 1050, Brussels                                                           College, Sint Andriesstraat 2, 2000, Antwerp


Panel Discussion at the European Parliament                      Screening of ‘Afghan Star’ at the European Commission

 Date:     Tuesday 3rd May                                                        Date:       Tuesday 3rd May

 Time:    15:00-16:00                                                                Time:      19:00-22:00

 Venue:  ASP 5G305, European Parliament,  Rue Wiertz          Venue:   Tour Madou, DG Culture & Education,

1049, Brussels                                                                             European Commission, 1000 Brussels



Public Event at Humboldt University

Date:    Thursday 5th May

Time:   18:00-19:30

Venue: Humboldt University, Institut für Asien und

Afrikawissenschaften, Invalidenstraße 118,

(entrance via Schlegelstr. 26) 10115, Berlin



Panel Discussion at University of Oxford                                Panel Discussion at House of Commons


Date:     Monday 9th May                                                             Date:      Tuesday 10th May

Time:   18:00-19:30                                                                    Time:     16:00-17:00

Venue: Old Refectory, Wadham College, Oxford, OX1 3N        Venue:   Meeting Room B, House of Commons, 1

Parliament St, London, SW1A 2NH


Conference at IRIS

Date:      Wednesday 11th May

Time:    14:15-15:30

Venue:  Salle Victor Hugo, Immeuble Jacques Chalban-

Dalmas 101 Rue de de l’Université, 75007, Paris


Dr. Wadir Safi, an expert in international law and former Civil Aviation minister, is the Executive Director of the Independent National Legal Training Center of Afghanistan, a body that provides additional legal training to young law graduates. He is also Senior Legal Advisor to the International Development Law Organization in Kabul. He teaches at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at the University of Kabul. He is the author of more than 30 academic works. Dr. Safi works closely with the young Afghans educating on democratic institution building, the rule of law and respect for human rights as fundamental prerequisites to ensuring the sustainable reconstruction and development of the country.

Ms. Mina Wali is the Founder and President of Hope of Mother, a Kabul-based organisation with a branch in Jalalabad, dedicated to the improvement of the lives of the disadvantaged in society. She has lived in the US for 28 years and returned to Afghanistan in 2005 to contribute to the reconstruction effort under way in the country. In 2006, she opened the first Hope of Mother school that has 400 students. She also set up her first health clinic that provides basic healthcare services to the local population. Her approach to development is through empowerment programmes for the disadvantaged that cover a wide range of areas including basic education, access to healthcare, sporting activities and vocational and leadership training.