Conference on Openness and Fundamentalism in the 21st century

12.10.2008 - 14.10.2008

EFD Senior Fellow Irshad Manji addressed the Forum 2000 Conference that took place in Prague, Czech Republic between 12-14 October 2008.

Organised by the Forum 2000 Foundation and under the auspices of Vaclav Havel, the conference addressed some of the key issues facing the world and explored ways in which to prevent escalation of conflicts that have religious, culture or ethnicity background.
Irshad Manji addressed the conference on 13 October at 14:30-16:00 discussing "Modernity without Democracy" with fellow speakers Mikhail Kasyanov, Former Prime Minister of Russia and Jorge QuÃroga Ramirez, Former President of Bolivia, among others. In front of prominent world, former and current heads of government, leading religious, spiritual, and cultural personalities, journalists and diplomats, Manji illuminated the values of democracy in a 21st century context.
Some of the other key issues discussed in the conference were: Faiths and Fanaticisms; The emergence of New Economic Powers and Its Impact on the Traditional Western, The current Financial Crises, and the Plurality of Cultures and Democracy.
For more information, please read the programme of the conference.