Conversation with Magnus Norell on ‘The Return of the Caliphate’


On Tuesday 28th November, TRENDS Research & Advisory hosted a conversation with European Foundation for Democracy's Magnus Norell on the occasion of the Brussels launch of his book 'The return of the Caliphate - causes and consequences'.

The book traces the religious and ideological roots of the so-called Islamic State. It shows that this is not a new phenomenon and that there have been several earlier attempts to renew the idea of the Caliphate. It was published in Swedish at the end of 2015 and this marked the occasion of the launch of the English language version. The conversation included discussion on broader issues of addressing extremism and how societies and governments need to prevent terrorism by engaging in robust radicalisation prevention programmes from gaining a foothold in our societies. The discussion also focussed on how non-violent extremist groups radicalise and recruit vulnerable young people to join extremist groups.