EastWest Institute’s 5th Worldwide Security Conference

19.02.2008 - 21.02.2008

EFD Senior Fellow, Ms. Irshad Manji and EFD Visiting Fellow, Dr. Walid Phares will address the EastWest Institute's 5th Worldwide Security Conference in Brussels.

Ms. Manji will participate in the conference on 22 February in a group discussion, responding to direct questions regarding global security and future threats and issues to global security. She will be addressing the questions within the parameters of "Religion, Identity Politics and Violent Extremism," with other experts such as Richard Allan, Distinguished Scholar at the Center for Security and Counter-Terrorism Policy, Ameen Jan, Managing Director at Jan Consulting, Ltd., and John Rami Mroz, Fellow at the EastWest Institute.

Dr. Phares will participate in the "Talking to terrorists?" panel, which will take place on 21 February alongside other internationally recognised experts such as Andres Pastrana, the former President of Colombia; Al Sadig Al Mahdi, President of the National Umma Party in Sudan; and Claudia Rosett, journalist in residence at the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies.

The keynote speakers at the conference include Cemil Çiçek, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey; Ambassador Akio Suda, the Japanese Ambassador in Charge of International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation; and Jeroen van der Veer, the Chief Executive of Royal Dutch Shell.

For more information regarding the conference please contact us at info@europeandemocracy.org.