Exchange of views with Afghan legal experts and civil society activists


On 28 January 2011, the European Foundation for Democracy, in conjunction with Markus Löning (the Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid at the
Federal Foreign Office) and the German Council of Foreign Relations (DGAP), held a briefing to exchange views with Afghan legal experts and civil society activists on their experiences of working on the ground in Afghanistan.

The discussions focused on access to justice, women's rights and the overall understanding and enforcement of the rule of law in Afghanistan. Particular attention was given to the challenges ahead and Europe's role in this process.

Guest speakers:
Dr. Golalei Safi NUR is a Member of the Afghan Parliament re-elected to her second term as an MP in 2010, representing the Northern Balkh Province of Afghanistan. With a medical degree from the Crimea Medical University in Ukraine, Dr. Safi practiced medicine as an eye doctor for almost a decade before leaving Afghanistan, to return again in 2004. She then worked for the women’s organisation Medica Mondiale in the psychological trauma division until she was elected as a Member of Parliament. Dr. Safi is a member of the of the High Peace Council and of the Parliament’s Health Committee. As a legislator, she is committed related to women, children and public health.

Afzal NOORISTANI is a lawyer and Executive Director of the Afghanistan (LAOA), a local NGO dedicated to the protection of the rights of the most vulnerable, particularly women and children. LAOA currently employs 34 lawyers who provide free criminal defence services and legal advice for the disempowered. Since 2007, it has represented more than 4000 adults and trained more than 600 lawyers in an attempt to strengthen rule of law in Afghanistan.

Hayatullah AHADYAR is a judge at the at the Primary Court of Counter Narcotics in Afghanistan and a former journalist. He previously worked a a judge at the Primary Commercial Court and the Tribunal of Public Law in Kabul. He holds a degree from the University of Kabul and has participated in various legal training courses both in Afghanistan and abroad. Ahadyar is currently attending a 10-month academic training hosted jointl Stranieri di Perugia and the Università degli Studi di Roma, "Tor Vergata"