Fostering Integration, Preventing Radicalisation


On 29th March 2017, EFD hosted a discussion entitled “Fostering Integration, Preventing Radicalisation“ at Hermann-Sander elementary School in Berlin Neukölln. EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour and the principal of Hermann-Sander elementary school, Rita Schlegel, discussed intercultural challenges in everyday school life and how to support teachers with the tools for autonomous problem solving with an audience of about 50 teachers and citizens.


Mansour highlighted that teachers often feel overwhelmed by the behavior of students that might be driven by provocation, cultural traditions, conservative interpretation of religion or sympathy for an extremist ideology. This was echoed by many teachers in the audience.


EFD’s “Practitioner’s Guide on Preventing Radicalisation in Schools” (available in German only) will be published and available for download from our website free of charge on 4th April 2017.