Morocco: a perspective on the current regional security challenges


On 18 March 2015, the European Foundation for Democracy hosted a closed-door policy briefing to discuss current regional security challenges that are plaguing Morocco. The guest speaker was Youssef Amrani, Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the King of Morocco and a highly regarded diplomat and politician in the international foreign policy arena. EFD Senior Fellow Magnus Norell moderated the event.

Morocco is a key regional player in North Africa and an important partner for the EU and international community, particularly on security and defence policy issues. During the briefing, Youssef Amrani shared his assessment of the security and defence related challenges faced by countries in MENA and Europe, including how best to reduce the flow of foreign fighters to current conflict zones, growing radicalisation and dealing with domestic terrorism as well as in the region as whole. He also elaborated on Morocco’s role in supporting the EU to address these threats, as well as the Kingdom’s potential to be more involved in establishing more effective security and stability across the region.