Policy Briefing with Walid Phares – Radicalisation of Muslim youth: a self-fulfilling prophecy?


Walid Phares, Visiting Fellow with the European Foundation for Democracy, was hosted by the European Policy Centre to discuss the “Radicalisation of Muslim Youth: a self-fulfilling prophecy”, in Brussels on 25 June 2008 at 10:30-12:00pm.

The radicalisation of Muslim youth is of growing concern across Europe, with national governments and European Union institutions struggling to come up with strategies to prevent the recruitment of young Muslims by extremist organisations. However, counter-radicalisation efforts by governments have not always been effective and in some cases have led to further tensions and alienation of Europe’s Muslim minority.

Dr Phares shed light on Islamic fundamentalism, ethnic and religious conflicts, terrorist and jihadist movements and provided concrete policy recommendations on how to deal with these threats. The presentation was followed by Q&A's.