Totalitarian ideologies and Extremism: Islamism, Far-Right, and Far-Left in a Changing Europe


In contemporary Europe, policymakers, law enforcement, practitioners and civil society organisations are facing new hybrid threats which show similarities and overlaps both from ideological and strategic perspectives.

The nature of different forms of extremism and of the ideologies that provide narratives and moral justification require further investigation.

What are totalitarian ideologies and what role do they play in extremism and radicalisation? What threats do they represent for individual freedoms, democratic values and security? How can such challenge the ideologies be challenged and overcome? What can Europe do to address the phenomenon of radicalisation?

A panel of experts hosted by European Eye on Radicalization (EER) and European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) during the 28th Economic Forum in Krynica, will address and these questions. They will provide insight on the dynamics, specificities and differences totalitarian ideologies and the role they play in radicalisation processes.


28th Economic Forum AGENDA


    • 6 September 2018, 12:05 – 13:05


    • Pawilon Małopolska, sala Państwo i Reformy


    • European Eye on Radicalization
    • European Foundation for Democracy


    • Roberta Bonazzi (President – European Foundation for Democracy-Belgium)


    • Ahmed Akkari (Writer, former Imam – Denmark)
    • Mieczyslaw Bieniek (General – The Andrzej Frycz Modrzews Krakow University College – Poland)
    • Mircea Mindrescu (President of Academic Executive Board – European Security and Defense College – Romania)
    • Tanja Porcnik (President of Academic Executive Board – European Security and Defense College – Romania)
    • Jan Stehik (Coordinator and Analyst of the Internal Security Program – European Values Think Tank – Czech Republic)
    • Tommasso Virgili (Programme Manager – European Foundation for Democracy – Italy)