Understanding Islamist ideologies and their relevance to Europe


The European Foundation for Democracy in cooperation with TRENDS Research & Advisory hosted a closed-door lunch briefing on Thursday 17th May to discuss the issue of Islamist ideologies, in both the Sunni and Shi’a contexts and their particular relevance to Europe. Our speakers discussed the structures, patterns, similarities, interlinkages and divergences between the two ideologies. They also explored how different Islamist networks operate in Europe and further afield, what they do and how they are funded, as well as deconstruct the narratives that inform, sustain and drive both ideologies.

Speakers included: Magnus Norell, Senior Fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy, Non-Resident Fellow with TRENDS Research & Advisory and Associate Director of Studies in Terrorism, Organised Crime and Middle East Politics at Infosphere in Stockholm and author of The Muslim Brotherhood: An Important Source for Islamism and Radicalisation; Gerta Zaimi, Researcher at CSSII (International Strategic Studies Center) at the University of Florence and author of Shia Terror Networks in Europe: Operations and Funding; and, Marwa Farid, Policy Advisor at the European Foundation for Democracy and a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant for various organisations in Europe and the MENA region.