Victims & survivors of terrorism: Perspectives on their voices and rights


On Wednesday 13th November 2019, the European Foundation for Democracy and the European Policy Centre hosted a joint policy briefing on "Victims and survivors of terrorism - perspectives on their voices and rights".

Victims and survivors are in the spotlight in the aftermath of an attack, but what is the reality of their lives in the following months and years?

Frontline practitioners and public authorities have worked together to increase awareness on the practical and emotional obstacles that arise in their daily lives. Their voices are represented by national and European associations who work to find a common foot on their needs and support. This new reality for individuals and their families is indiscriminate, good practices and challenges for each member state must be integrated to find a common EU approach. In remembrance of the November 2015 Paris Attacks; what has been achieved and what remains challenging became the centre of the discussion.

Speakers included Joelle Milquet, Jean-Claude Juncker’s Special Adviser for compensation to victims of crime, EU Commission, Philippe Vansteenkiste, President of V-Europe and Paul Vitani, Asssociation Française des Victimes du Terrorisme and President of “Les oubliés de Loyada”. The session was moderated by Amanda Paul, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre.