Ahmad Mansour speaks on anti-Semitism at the German Islam Conference


EFD Programme Director, Ahmad Mansour was invited to join the German Islam Conference, the government's official forum for dialogue between officials and Muslims in Germany. At a speech at the annual plenary session on 7th May, Ahmad stressed the importance of addressing anti-Semitism in the Muslim community in Germany, following the recent attack on Rabbi Alter in Berlin.

Ahmad argued that policymakers and educators alike should promote critical thinking and encourage greater tolerance and respect for diversity within Muslim communities.

"We need to stop being scared to talk about these controversial issues...my own experience countering anti-Semitism, radicalisation and gender inequality has consistently proven that it’s absolutely possible to reach vulnerable youth."

After working with hundreds of Muslim youth throughout Germany, he has learned that establishing trust is critical to the success of any intervention.

We need to offer role models from within their own communities. We need to introduce vulnerable youth to people who approach these controversial issues differently, more openly, and without prejudice or fear.

As an institution dedicated to dialogue, he argued that the Conference has a responsibility to establish new, honest debate within the Muslim community on the often taboo subject of anti-Semitism.

An English summary of the speech is available here.