What opportunities and challenges arise for Germany and Europe from the refugee crisis?


On 14 October 2015, the European Foundation for Democracy organised a briefing in Berlin, in collaboration with Citizen Diplomats for Syria (CDS), to discuss the refugee crisis, which has become the largest influx of refugees since World War II. The panel included two former Syrian diplomats and members of CDS, as well as EFD Program Director Ahmad Mansour. During the briefing, the speakers discussed a wide range of issues relating to the crisis, with a focus on understanding the potential opportunities and challenges that Germany and the rest of Europe are facing.

Among the key issues discussed, was the prominence of Islamist organisations taking over the provision of aid for recent arrivals in German refugee centres and the potentially problematic aspects of this. The speakers also debated the integration of refugees within German society, the challenges that may hinder their integration, as well as the strategies that can be adopted to avoid radicalisation and social conflict.