After Geneva: what’s next for Iran’s nuclear programme?


EFD hosted French nuclear non-proliferation expert Bruno Tertrais for briefings on Iran’s interim nuclear deal with the E3/EU+3. Bruno Tertrais, who is a senior fellow at the Paris-based Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique, described the deal as 'Not Munich, but not Camp David either.’ He explained that the interim agreement is '… not historic or even well written and will change nothing in terms of Iran's foreign policy activities including, for example, in Syria'.

EFD led a closed-door briefing with Bruno Tertrais for over 25 diplomats and officials in Brussels. Later in the day, he gave a packed briefing to over 30 guests at the European Parliament, hosted by French Conservative MEP and chairman of the Security and Defence subcommittee, Arnaud Danjean..