Tareq Suwaidan, the anti-Semitic preacher in Italy. The proof of his extremism.

04 April 2016

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo once more offers a detailed analysis of Tareq Suwaidan, who is scheduled to be in Italy starting this May for a series of conferences and events.

Valentina gives an extensive descriptions of Suwaidan’s book “The Jews, The Illustrated Encyclopedia”, citing various articles undeniably anti-Semitic, demonstrating that his statements are not merely ‘political’ and directed to Israel.

For example, the introduction of the book, among a series of other anti-Semitic notions, has the following words: “it is necessary to examine their malignity, their perfidy, their falsity (..) which they practice all over the world”, referring to the Jewish people.

This same book also has various statements that minimize the gravity of the holocaust: at page 63 the picture of the gate of Auschwitz is described as the entry to the “German death camp where the Jews claim to have been exterminated (..)”.

There are also various hints of a mysterious alignment between the “Christians and the Jews” thought the whole book.

Colombo also says Suwaidan was probably invited to Italy by the Islamic Italian Association of Imams and Religious Guides because of a crisis of leadership within the Muslim Brotherhood, since Suwaidan is a ‘trainer’ and expert of public communications. Suwaidan is known for having uploaded a number of you-tube videos where he speaks about the Islamic "leadership" and how to improve it, using the term to translate the Arabic khilafa (i.e., caliphate).

Suwaidan has not limited his extremist views towards Israel and the Jews; in fact, he has claimed also that women cannot make any decisions on their own and therefore it is best not to split them from their men.

Colombo ends her article by stating that whoever has invited Suwaidan to Italy is denying the evidence of his extremist positions. This article is in Italian and can be read here.