Refugees have to learn what even other residents do not know

18 May 2018

This article for De Correspondent talks about a panel discussion organised at the European Parliament by the European Foundation for Democracy and hosted by MEPs Kati Piri and Gerard Déprez. The event presented the findings of EFD's recently completed research project which examined how different European countries with high numbers of refugees and/or experience of integrating high numbers of refugees (namely Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and France) are managing the integration process. The article draws on some of the stories of the speakers, which included; Yousef Wehbe, a Palestinian refugee based in Berlin working with refugee communities on the protection of their rights and integration into host communities; Mohamad Khadam, a Syrian living in Vienna, working for the integration of his compatriots in Austria and Germany; Sally Othman, a Syrian refugee, who works in Brussels to help integrate newcomers into the labour market; Marzia Masjidi, from Afghanistan, who works in Antwerp supporting the integration of asylum seekers by focusing on human rights and gender equality; Marwa Farid, from Egypt, an expert on monitoring and evaluating policy programmes in multiple fields, including integration.

The article is in Dutch and can be read here.