Al Qaeda’s Branch in Africa Makes a Lethal Comeback

15 March 2016

An article in The New York Times, in which EFD Senior Fellow Bakary Sambe is mentioned, discuss the resurging Al Qaida branch in West Africa that has strengthened its reach and carried out deadly attacks in recent years, mostly on hotels where Westerners frequent. The group, also known as 'Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb' (AQIM) had suffered devastating losses after intervention by French troops in Mali several years ago. Now, AQIM and its newest branch, 'Al Mourabitoun', have launched a 'devastating comeback' and appear to be stronger than ever.

EFD Senior Fellow Bakary Sambe is mentioned in the article for his expertise on radicalism and conflict in Africa. Sambe believes that the recent attacks demonstrate to the world that "AQIM and Al Mourabitoun are trying to say: ‘Look, we’re still alive. We’re here'."

The article is in English and can be read here.