Art will heal the wounds of war

09 March 2016

During a conference entitled “Beyond Emergency Aid: Long-term Integration Strategies for Syrian Refugees” hosted by Ernest Maragall MEP at the European Parliament and reported by the well-known Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, the Maya Foundation presented “Project Lift” – an NGO based in Turkey that has been helping traumatised Syrian children through art, dance and music.

EFD Executive Director Roberta Bonazzi moderated the event, stressing how important it is to support refugee children in order to provide them with a safe environment, immune to any kind of radicalisation.
Afzal Khan MEP was the keynote speaker. Also present was Ayse Uzer, deputy permanent representative at the Turkish delegation to the EU.

During the conference the issue of finding long-term solutions to help dispatched refugees was highlighted more than once, in order for these people to become productive contributors to our society; these sort of projects are definitely helping achieve this objective.