Bakary Sambe, Director of Timbuktu Institute: “confraternities will constitute a protection against Jihadism only if…”

07 May 2016

EFD Senior Fellow Dr. Bakary Sambe is quoted in the daily online Senegalese newspaper Dakaractu. 

When addressing the problem of jihadism in Senegal and its neighboring countries, Sambe claims that the spread of the Wahabi-Salafi ideology is a threat to all. Moreover, Sambe stressed the importance of taking action instantly; the West Africa region is an 'unstable ocean' and it's only a matter of time that this will affect Senegal as well.

Military solutions, added Sambe, can be helpful, but relying solely on these is neither effective nor sustainable; the Senegalese government must think of other preventive measures.

This article is in French and can be read here.