Call to battle rallies misfits to ISIS cause

08 January 2016

US-based media website TribLIVE writes about the so-called Islamic State and the challenge that it poses to America in comparison to threats faced by the US in the past, including conventional adversaries and non-conventional threats like al-Qaida. Vidino is quoted for his expertise in examining the dangerous ideology of the Islamic State and for his views on what separates this from previous threats, highlighting that this factor makes it one of the most dangerous threats that America has ever faced.

There has been a recent growth of Islamic State sympathisers in the US, the article notes. Vidino likens this challenge to the simple but effective weapon that characterised the Iraq war: the IED, which was simple and cheep to produce, yet reeked havoc and caught America by surprise.

The article is in English and can be read here.