Countering propaganda with facts

01 May 2016

In this article, published in the German Council on Foreign Relations’ IP magazine, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Alexander Ritzmann argues that exposing the downright falsehoods of the propaganda of the so-called “Islamic State” (Isis) through targeted counter narratives will obstruct their recruiting efforts.

One of the reasons Isis has been able to attract a record number of foreign fighters in the past years is the group’s deployment of sophisticated online propaganda, Ritzmann claims.

The delivery of counter-narratives by individuals who have been directly affected by Isis is deemed most effective, according to Ritzmann: he calls attention to the disillusionment and criticism of former Isis fighters or supporters, ranging from the brutality deployed against hostages and civilians, the tedious and difficult daily life to the corruption of senior leaders.

This article is in German and can be read here.