Enough with foreign funding of Islam

05 May 2016

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo is interviewed by the Italian daily newspaper Libero on how Italy can better prevent the spread of Islamic radicalization in its mosques around the country.

Colombo says that radicalization must be tackled starting from public schools, where the second generations of immigrant families attend classes daily, which lead to good integration programs.

Colombo also suggests that Friday night sermons should be in Italian in order to better monitor those preachers that are seeking to spread hatred through the Muslim religion, and that Italy should place a ban over foreign funding directed toward Islamic associations. These associations should be economically independent from external funding and have a positive attitude towards the Italian State and society, says Colombo. If this is implemented, Italy has a better chance of monitoring the flow of preachers in its mosques.

This article was also published online in Italian by Informazione Corretta and can be read here.