Episode 3. How authoritarian regimes and dictatorships cooperate together? (with Roberta Bonazzi)

14 July 2022

European Values Podcast, 14 July 2022

by Veronika Vichova / Photo credits: European Values Center for Security Policy

What can we do to increase our resilience and independence on authoritarian regimes? Could de-coupling them be the way? And what illiberal tendencies inside the European Union we should be aware of?
These and more questions were asked by Veronika Vichova, Deputy Director for Analysis and Head of Kremlin Watch Program in European Values Center for Security Policy to the founder and president of the European Foundation for Democracy Roberta Bonazzi.

In the podcast Roberta Bonazzi refers to following articles and documentary:
The Wall Street Journal: Iran used secret UN records to evade nuclear probes
The Wall Street Journal: How Iran tapped international banks to keep its economy afloat
Documentary: What is it like to live in a rogue state

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