Europe is getting the best migrants ever

01 February 2016

Vita International writes about the recently convened closed-door policy briefing organised by the European Foundation for Democracy on 27 January 2016. The event, entitled "A Syrian Perspective on the EU's Response to the Refugee Crisis", offered a comprehensive overview of the Syrian conflict, the article notes, examining the implications and challenges posed by the massive influx of refugees who are fleeing to neighbouring countries and to Europe.

The article highlights the many key points made by the guest speaker at the event, including the fact that if the migrant challenge is effectively addressed by the EU in due time and integration of the refugees occurs, there are opportunities for Europe. However, the article also notes the many challenges that remain and have not yet been addressed, discussed throughout the course of the briefing. This includes the need for greater EU support of the neighbouring countries to Syria that are bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis, among other recommendations offered by the speaker.

The article is in English and can be read here.