Europe must tackle the threat of terrorism on a European level, not on a national one

24 March 2016

EFD Senior Policy Advisor Alexander Ritzmann is interviewed on Sky News to discuss Europe’s increasing security threat and what measures should be implemented to tackle the problem.

Ritzmann expresses great concern regarding the terrorist network that has infiltrated Europe and that has accomplished a succession of successful attacks over the course of the past few months.

In particular, Ritzmann claims that Europe must work as a whole on a European level rather than on a national level to address the problem of terrorism. Many countries, like Belgium, are not equipped to fight this war alone, but Europe is.

Ritzmann also stressed the importance of addressing the issue of terrorism constantly, not only after a major attack has occurred. Monitoring terrorist networks around Europe as well as investing in prevention is of the essence today.

There is a vast network of IS fighters in Europe, says Ritzmann; however, we must not delude ourselves into thinking that these fighters are working alone, as we have witnessed that there is also a local network that has been harbouring the terrorists.

It is imperative, underlines once more Ritzmann, that countries within Europe find a political solution to solve a security problem that concerns all. Sharing intelligence among European countries must become the number one priority.

This interview is in English and can be watched here.