From being friends with the anti-Semitic Imam, to (almost) a candidate. The Democratic Party in Milan is in total chaos on fundamentalism and political Islam

03 May 2016

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo is mentioned by the well-known Italian newspaper Il Foglio regarding the candidacy of Sameh Meligy for the municipal elections of Milan, an Italian citizen originally from Egypt and member of the Alleanza Islamica d’Italia (Islamic Alliance of Italy).

What caught the attention of the media was a picture of Meligy with Tareq al- Suwaidan, the Islamist preacher notorious for his anti- Semitic thoughts and writings. Al- Suwaidan had been denied access to Italy after Colombo published a series of articles with her own extensive and very detailed inquiries on his case.

The Democratic Party of Milan has been forced to deny Meligy's candidacy after this fiasco.

This article is in italian and can be read here.