From proselytism on the web to the enrolment of families. Now they are more dangerous

29 April 2016

EFD Senior Counsellor John Duhig and EFD Senior Policy Advisor Demir Murat Seyrek are mentioned in the centre-left Italian newspaper La Stampa in an article entitled: 'How is Islamic radicalisation spreading so quickly in Europe today? What tools are terrorist organisations using to spread their ideology?'

It first started through extreme preachers spreading violent ideas in mosques, then via social media and finally through family ties. "Reaching Syria has become more difficult because of significantly increased security measures in many European countries. Individual relationships, as well as family ties, have also been key in the recruitment process for so called Islamic State, which continues to portray successfully the fantasy of an alternative life to that of living in a European democracy’, claims Duhig. Investing in counter-narrative strategies is the only way to tackle this problem, adds Seyrek.

Now that ISIS is unable to achieve its aims through war, consolidating and expanding family ties link with ISIS ideology is increasingly important, to the point that it may become its main goal, the article concluded.

This article is in Italian and can be read here.