Garissa University (Kenya) students have been killed by the indifference of the West

03 April 2015

“The deafening silence of intellectuals, universities, professors and scholars about the Garissa University College massacre fills us with dismay” Alberto Gambino, Director of the Department of Human Sciences at the European University of Rome and Valentina Colombo, Professor of Culture and Geopolitics of Islam and Senior Fellow at Brussels-based European Foundation for Democracy say in a press release issued on the 3rd April 2015.

“Few realise that the slaughter of Christian students aims to weaken the universal right to education, the only instrument that can free populations from poverty and ignorance”, they say. “Racial hatred" continued the professors "relies on ignorance, fears critical thinking and kills students, even if it identifies with a youth (shabab) movement”.

“How does the West, with its Enlightenment values, react to this? It remains silent, instead of calling for solidarity with religious and social minorities. The Christians and the women murdered in Garissa were killed only because they were regarded as inferiors”, concluded the scholars. Therefore, we need to express solidarity with every one of those young people who lost their lives and to state clearly that whoever destroys places of knowledge and kills people therein is an enemy of humanity and of our future”.

The press release is in Italian and can be read here.