Anti-Semitism today: How hostile is Germany toward Jews?

28 October 2013

EFD Programme Director, Ahmad Mansour is featured in a documentary for German television called Anti-Semitism today: How hostile is Germany toward Jews?

Mansour was shocked at the anti-Semitism he discovered in the Muslim community when he moved to Berlin nine years ago from Israel. This public television documentary marks a major milestone in his efforts to raise awareness about the issue. Ahmad served as an advisor for the film, which aired on the DasErste station, which has an estimated 4 million viewers.

The film shows Ahmad describing his encounters with prejudice and explaining why he believes anti-Semitism exists among Muslim youth today. It draws a clear and disturbing link to the influence of Arab media in promoting this hate. The film also showcases Ahmad’s work with the Heroes Project, where he mentors young Muslim men in Berlin to break with extremism and become part of Europe’s tolerant, multi-cultural society. You can watch the documentary here. The documentary can be viewed here with English subtitles.