Leading author calls for ‘attack on all fronts’ against Islamic fundamentalism

26 March 2015

The Brussels-based EU Reporter features a report on the public briefing organised by the European Foundation for Democracy and hosted by Julie Ward MEP (UK S&D) on 25th March 2015, "How to deconstruct the radical narrative? An alternative discourse of Academics and Activists of Muslim Heritage." The article presents an overview of the discussion as well as the views outlined by Karima Bennoune, Professor of international law at the University of California.

Karima Bennoune, whose recent book tells the stories of individuals with Muslim heritage fighting extremism, emphasized that it is primarily the local populations in Muslim countries, rather than people in the West, who suffer under violent Islamism. At the briefing, she emphasised that, “We have got to counter the argument of these groups that they somehow act in defence of Muslims. They do not. They victimise Muslims in the most atrocious way."

This article can be read here.