Milions of euros from Qatar for mosques and quranic schools. Mayors (DP) and churches approve

01 June 2016

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo writes about the recent investments of the Qatar Charity directed towards Islamic centres in various cities in the north of Italy.

The Qatar Charity has been funding various Islamic centers all around Europe for the past few years; its seems it has a complete monopoly over the investments of the Islamic world in Europe, writes Colombo. Furthermore, the Qatar Charity has been subject to many controversies linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Colombo questions the decision of Italy to subject itself to this kind of influence: should Italy be receiving such big donations from such a small country that does not necessarily represent the whole Islamic community in Europe?  Should Italy be going in this direction when many other solutions are possible in order to finance Islamic centres? Austria, for example, has just enforced a law that restricts any kind of funding coming from foreign countries.

This article is in Italian and can be read here.