Strategic dialogue and cooperation between Turkey and the EU regarding Syria must not be abused in new Turkish elections

14 October 2015

The Brussels Times reports on the upcoming elections in Turkey, in which it highlights that the EU has been urged not to allow its strategic partnership with Turkey, regarding Syria, to be abused as an election item that could potentially boost the ruling AK party. The warning comes at a time as EU leaders are meeting with Turkey to discuss the situation in Syria, the migrant crisis and the EU's and Turkey's "common fight against terrorism." EFD Senior Policy Adviser, Dr Demir Murat Seyrek, stresses that while this new strategic dialogue and issue based cooperation are indeed "very positive developments," the EU and its member states should be cautious not to allow any potential agreements with Turkey to affect the outcome of these historic elections. Dr Seyrek adds that "We should not forget that EU-Turkey relations will continue after the elections which could lead to other positive results in Turkey-EU relations through a spill over effect."

The article is in English and can be read here.