Terrorist attacks “underlines need” for better intelligence

24 March 2016

EFD Executive Director Roberta Bonazzi, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Alexander Ritzmann, EFD Senior Fellow Bakary Sambe and the European Foundation for Democracy are mentioned in EU Today after hosting the conference entitled: Defining the phenomenon of jihadist radicalization: Local and global drivers and catalysts, on March 22, minutes after the terror attacks struck the Belgian capital, leaving more than 30 people dead and many more wounded.

"This is a pervasive ideology" claimed Bonazzi, "that is the source of radicalization that can lead to terrorism and/or recruitment to terrorist organisations.”

"ISIS and other extremists want to lure the West into a battle on their territory and that is why they want the Americans to send ground troops to Syria” added Ritzmann.

This article is in English and can be read here.