The fatal consequences of a poor upbringing

09 April 2014

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour speaks to Germany's Deutschlandradio Kultur about how we can deal with violence in immigrant communities.The interview follows an open letter from German police woman,Tania Kambouri, who has spoken out against the aggression and lack of respect she frequently experiences from individuals in these communities.

In the interview, Ahmad details his training work with police officers in Berlin, and emphasises the fact that any discourse which refers to this as an ‘immigrant’ problem will only serve to aggravate the issue:

"First of all, these are not 'foreigners', they're not 'immigrants'. They might come from families which have migrated at some point -- but they themselves belong to our society, and their problems are our problems."

"We also have to convey a clear message, as a society, that some forms of behaviour are not acceptable. We have to defend and clearly communicate our values because these are the values which define us, and they are the values which are represented in our laws, and they are values which protect our human rights."

This interview is in German and can be heard here.