The fight against terrorism: former police officers are brandishing their weapons

18 April 2016

EFD Senior Fellow Dr. Bakary Sambe is interviewed by Le Quotidien on the recent decision of the Union Nationale des Retraités de la Police (The National Union of Pensioners of the Police) to come forward and work together to prevent the spread of terrorism, while Dr. Sambe incites the local population to be more involved.

"There is no miraculous solution against terrorism", continued Dr. Bakary; "however, all possible solutions must be designed for the long term, not just the short one".

For example, one of the solutions against the spread of terrorism in the Sahel region could be achieved by working on a dual front: on one hand an efficient education system and on the other a better social justice system, claims Dr. Bakary.

"Why not involve more sub-regional organizations in the collaboration against the phenomenon of Boko Haram, which Ecowas and the African Union cannot fight alone?", suggested Dr. Bakary.

The article is in french and can be read here.