The sad ending of a heroic father and his prodigal son

02 July 2016

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo writes about the suicide bombings that occurred at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul on 28 June. She writes about the tragic story of Fathi Bayoudh, a Tunisian colonel in charge of the pediatric section of the Tunisian military hospital; he was at the airport waiting for his wife when he was killed by one of the terrorists.

Fathi Bayoudh and his wife were in Turkey to finalize the paperwork to repatriate their son, in custody of the Turkish authorities after having deserted the Islamic State.

Dr. Colombo analyzes these events by casting a light on the thousands of young Tunisians that are joining the Islamic State and on the Tunisian Ennahdha party linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. What has been done so far to stop the flow of the Tunisian youth to fight in Syria?

This article is in Italian and can be read here.