The terminus. A wretched agreement

13 January 2016

EFD Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino highlights the failures of fifteen years of AKP in Turkey, both in domestic and foreign policy. Regarding the former, Erdogan has manifested increasing authoritarian tendencies, imposing serious violations of civil liberties against any kind of opponents, on the one hand, while enabling an upsurge of domestic terrorism, on the other. As for the latter, Erdogan has supported the failed project of the Muslim Brotherhood in the region, enraging several Arab regimes. Even worse, he has pursued a "wicked policy" in the Syrian crisis, unconditionally supporting opposition groups, including the jihadi ones. In doing so, Turkey has alienated Iran, Iraq, Russia and the West as well. In sum, Vidino suggests that the policy of "zero problems with the neighbours" has instead turned out to be "many problems with all neighbours".

The article is in Italian and can be read here.