What’s holding you back? time to join Marie Claire’s #BREAKFREE campaign!

11 February 2016

EFD Fellow Tehmina Kazi is featured in the Marie Clair spot and campaign #BREAKFREE, which aims, alongside nine ambassadors from across the UK , to take a stand on gender equality.

The most recent statistics show that less than a quarter of all senior FTSE management positions are filled by women, 86 per cent of women are the primary carers to our children, and the gender pay gap still stands at 13.9 per cent. Muslim women are 65 per cent less likely to be employed than their white female counterparts, black women are considered the 'least desirable' on online dating sites, and over 40 per cent of lesbians hide their sexuality from colleagues for fear of homophobia.

It is possible to visit the campaign website here.