Why are young Germans drawn to jihad?

01 June 2014

Journalist Elizabeth Veh from Germany’s Bayerischer Runkfunk asks the question: why are young Germans drawn to jihad? She turns to EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour to find out more. During the discussion, Ahmad demonstrates how easily youths can arrive at extremist content online, and explains why this content, and the Salafist groups which promote it, can be appealing.

“These are young people who felt lost or unsure of themselves; and when they join these radical groups, they find something to be passionate about, they become happier, they find friends, structure, orientation; they no longer have to worry about what kind of person they want to be, who they should marry — instead, they join a group which tells them exactly how they should behave; what’s forbidden, what’s allowed; what’s good, what’s evil. And when a group offers to relieve you of the responsbility of making these decisions, it can be very appealing for young people.”

This broadcast is in German and can be heard here.