A Teacher’s Manual on Preventing Violent Extremism (Kosovo)

04 July 2018

Teachers in Kosovo are increasingly facing challenges in discussing issues such as patriarchal structures and traditions, orthodox Islam, Islamism and Salafism with their pupils. These topics are often emotionally charged and can easily overwhelm educators.

Teachers wonder: How can I engage my students in a discussion about sensitive topics they care about, such as the war in Syria or the conflict between Israel and Palestine, without it escalating? How can I differentiate between a student simply challenging authority and someone flirting or even engaging with an extremist ideology?

In order to help teachers find answers to these questions, the European Foundation for Democracy, in close cooperation with the UNDP and the Ministry of Education in Kosovo, have developed a Teacher’s Manual on Prevention of Violent Extremism.

It tackles key challenges educators face daily in Kosovo school life and was created via a methodological bottom-up approach by teachers for teachers.

The publication is available and can be downloaded in EnglishAlbanian and Serbian