Libya’s fight for survival – Defeating Jihadist networks

16 September 2015

Our publication Libyas fight for survival - Defeating jihadist networks is a compilation of four different essays, edited by Dr. Arturo Varvelli, that focus on Libya and assess the current situation on the ground through a number of diverse and varied prisms. The authors of these essays are Dr. Arturo Varvelli, ISPI Research Fellow and and Adjunct Fellow at EFD, Dr. Stefano Torelli, ISPI Research Fellow, Dr. Valentina Colombo, European Foundation for Democracy senior fellow, Giuseppe Dentice, research assistant at ISPI, Wolfgang Pusztai, freelance security and policy analyst and Nancy Porsia, Italian freelance print and TV journalist and documentary writer and producer.

This publication is part of our Counter Radicalisation Programme. We have examined the situation on the ground in a number of key countries in the region – Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Georgia - with the aim of identifying patterns and trends as well as specific local and regional developments in order to provide an assessment of the threat situation on the ground and specific recommendations for policy makers.