Understanding Jihadist Radicalisation. The case of Italy

14 October 2020

This project was established as a continuation of the study "Understanding Jihadist Radicalisation. The case of Italy" (read about the report here). The goal of the project is to highlight upcoming findings and news, related to the 54 individuals that where analysed in the 2019 report. EFD, since the official publication of the report, continues to closely cooperate with relevant public authorities in Italy; collecting further information on these individuals and other linked profiles. Therefore, as a result, all information and latest news will gradually be uploaded here in our website (both in English and Italian). Note, if you would like to have an in-depth examination of any of the individuals please always refer back to the study "Understanding Jihadist Radicalisation. The case of Italy" (original title: "Comprendere la radicalizzazione jihadista. Il caso Italia" ).

Latest news

  • Arrest of Alice Brignoli: the Italian citizen who in 2015, together with her husband and children, joined the terrorist group Islamic State. Read fact sheet here.
  • Arrest and expulsion from the Italian territory of Wafa Koraichi: a young women from Moroccan nationality linked to Alice Brignoli and her husband. Read full fact sheet here.